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Every one of our English tutors scored a distinction+ for English in high school, has studied at university, passed our intake English exam with distinction, and then completed our tutor training programme with distinction.

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First, we assess the student to identify gaps in the fundamentals (what content don’t they know?) and common error types (how are they losing marks?).

  • Then, we select a mentor from our team of English tutors. It is crucial for a student to ‘like’ their tutor and look forward to the lessons.

  • The trained tutor comes to the house for high-impact one-on-one lessons where they actually teach the ideas and concepts.

  • We set structured homework for the student to do in between lessons. When it comes to english, practice is key.

  • We use practical demonstrations, excursions, and projects to excite the student and pique their interest.

  • The student sits regular mock tests so that they can practice the skills under exam conditions, and we can monitor progress and increase their confidence.

  • A student needs to familiarise themselves with the technical requirements of the memorandum in order to excel. We teach test-taking techniques.

  • We supervise, guide and support the programme to ensure a great result.

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