Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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This course will help you to grasp basic accounting concepts and effectively apply your analytical skills to interpreting various information embedded within financial statements to make (or provide advisory for) informed decisions.


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2 Days

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Financial statements report the financial performance and position of a business. Having a thorough understanding of the financial implications of business decisions as a manager in your organisation can help the business thrive and maximise shareholder returns.

This course will help you to grasp basic accounting concepts and effectively apply your analytical skills to interpreting various information embedded within financial statements to make (or provide advisory for) informed decisions.


Course Objectives

  • Apply understanding of basic principles of finance in interpreting financial statements and reports.

  • Apply understanding of key ratios to financial analysis and evaluation of organisational performance.

  • Leverage on financial information in making informed decisions in their existing and future roles.


In this workshop, participants will learn:


  • Understand common accounting jargon.

  • Apply financial language.

  • Identify with the various financial statements.

  • Evaluate organisation’s financial health.

  • Conduct breakeven analysis.

  • Central Branch

    101 Penang Road, Central
  • Teacher's Name
  • Xiaoqi
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Xiaoqi is a Singapore Chartered Accountant. She graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) with Minor in Chinese, and holds a Master in Education (Merit) from University of Bath. She is effectively bilingual in both English and Chinese. Her working experience includes auditing with Big Fours as well as financial accounting with public listed firms before she embarked on her teaching and corporate training career. Since 2007, Xiaoqi has been specialising in teaching as well as conducting corporate training for Financial Accounting and Auditing modules. The professional qualification programmes that she teaches include ACCA, Singapore C.A. as well as under/postgraduate degrees. In addition, she is ACTA certified and has delivered WSQ training in Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Preparing Budgets, Consolidation of Financial Statements, Financial Analysis and Negotiation skills. Xiaoqi is known to be extra patient and dedicated towards her learners who have also affirmed her teaching/training as ‘brilliant, direct, and to the point, making things easy to understand by not beating around the bush’. Her passion in education, coupled with the drive to improve herself has motivated her to start her Doctorate in Education (EdD) programme with the University of Bath, UK in 2016.
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