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Practicing a language is vital to being fluent. For this reason, we host group courses for adult students seeking a more affordable alternative to having multiple weekly lessons.

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Italian, often referred to as the language of romance and art, holds great significance as an important language to learn. With its rich cultural heritage and historical influence, Italian opens up a world of opportunities for those seeking to explore literature, music, fashion, and culinary delights.

Italy, renowned for its iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, attracts millions of tourists each year. By learning Italian, one gains access to the vibrant Italian culture, enhancing travel experiences and fostering deeper connections with locals.

Moreover, Italy boasts a thriving economy and is a prominent hub for various industries, including fashion, design, automotive, and gastronomy. Proficiency in Italian can provide a competitive edge in business and career prospects, especially for those interested in working or collaborating with Italian companies or pursuing fields related to art, history, or tourism.

Learning Italian not only broadens horizons but also unveils the beauty and allure of an enchanting language deeply intertwined with centuries of history and cultural marvels.


Private / Semi-Private Tuition

Confidence is key to learning and mastering any language. Through working privately, each student is given the opportunity to bond with their tutor allowing for a deeper connection and a learning environment where they feel comfortable and safe. The tutor is able to adapt the lesson to the student, allowing for a more focused approach and, in turn, faster progress.

Languages by their very nature are, however, social and interactive, which is why we also offer a semiprivate option for our younger students allowing them to learn from their peers as well as their tutor.


Small Group Courses

Practicing a language is vital to being fluent. For this reason, we host group courses for adult students seeking a more affordable alternative to having multiple weekly lessons.

Each week, a maximum of five students attend two group lectures, where concepts are explained and demonstrated, and one private lesson with a tutor to allow students to practice and revise all concepts covered during the lectures. This blended method of learning ensures the perfect balance between regular practice, self-study and individualised attention.


Homework Support

Research has found that children who grow up bilingual have a natural advantage over their monolingual peers. However, being educated in a foreign language presents a unique set of challenges for both scholars and their parents. 

Our team takes pride in helping families overcome that language barrier by assisting young individuals with their academics and nurturing them to reach their true potential. Our mission is to equip scholars with the language skills they need to continue thriving without the assistance of a tutor.

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