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A combination of Muay Thai, kickboxing and fitness to create the ultimate fat-burning, self-defence program.

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Build Confidence

  • Punch, kick and move with confidence. No pressures, stigmas or egos! Just a friendly environment to burn fat, build muscle and have fun with the ladies!


Get Fit

  • We love to train with intensity! In Kick & HIIT you will reach your fitness goals in no time! You’ll be looking your best and training like a savage!


HIIT Fitness

  • A long with learning valuable combat skills you will also be exposed to High intensity interval training. Fitness that will complement you combat skills and allow you to train for longer and at a higher intensity,

  • Perth Branch

    48 McCoy St, Perth
  • Perth Branch

    8/21 Joondalup Drive, Perth

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You'll get to practice your K.O. punch on some heavy bags, get your heart rate up with calisthenic exercises, and enjoy the supportive community we've built here at AKKA Martial Arts.

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Get 2 Weeks of Life-Changing, unlimited Kids Kickboxing Martial Arts Classes in Helensvale... Plus a free Gloves Included! Boxing is not just self defense. It’s a tool we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of Helensvale parents can’t believe the incredible transformation.

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You do not need any experience in martial arts to start training in our RKD Kickboxing Perth classes. It is our job to teach you what you need to know. Our Kickboxing Perth classes are all blended classes with a goal of continuous improvement.

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In each class you will learn practical kickboxing combinations that you will get to practice on your own boxing bag at your own pace. Then you can pick up the pace and get a great cardio workout.

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This class teaches the use of punching, elbow, knee , & kicking techniques. The lesson begins with a warm up, then it is on to some strength and conditioning training . Skipping, medicine balls, body weight exercises, plyometric training, agility drills and circuits are just some of the methods us...

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