Professional Certificate In Emerging And Disruptive Technologies

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This Professional Certificate in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies gives a quick overview & understanding of the various emerging and disruptive technologies and their implications in the industry.

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7 Days

Course Details

This Professional Certificate in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies gives a quick overview & understanding of the various emerging and disruptive technologies and their implications in the industry.

It is highly practical and relevant, applying the best industry practices in the various technologies. This Professional Certificate is stackable to an Advanced Professional Certificate in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in a Complex World.

This programme is designed for those who need to grasp the foundations of Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, IoT, Robotic Process Automation.


Course Objectives:

  • equip participants with essential knowledge and skills about cloud services and how to use resources from these services;
  • share and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud services
  • introduce and examine the basic concepts of cloud services in terms of how to create and utilize services such as infrastructure, platform, and application as a service (IaaS, PaaS, and AaaS); and
  • equip participants with an understanding and appreciation of the basic cloud concepts, and to apply cloud services in their work roles
  • equip participants with knowledge and skills on how to use information technology both in the workplace and at home safely and securely.
  • learn how to establish a secure network connection and manage personal as well as corporate data appropriately.
  • acquire the concepts of Blockchain (BC), digital currencies (DC), and distributed ledger (DL) to apply them in their business application.
  • Understand the possible advantages of Blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledger (DL) while considering their applications to the businesses.
  • design a viable implementation of BC, DC and DL, with regards to their business environment.
  • conceptualise IoT solutions for their business cases
  • Independently create IoT proof of concept demonstrations
  • choose the right IoT technologies for their use cases
  • estimate the effort and resources required to roll out IoT projects
  • Understand the workflow automation
  • Understand the RPA
  • Develop their own simple bots in MS-PA environment
  • Design and development of advanced RPA macros and recordings to automate administrative tasks and web scrapping.
  • Central Branch

    11 Research Link COM 3, #B1-18, Central

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