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Definitely, we provide the best activities that will give the ultimate satisfaction for you. You surely recognise the famous South Korea variety show, Running Man.

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Outdoor Teambuilding

Definitely, we provide the best activities that will give the ultimate satisfaction for you. You surely recognise the famous South Korea variety show, Running Man. Here, we will adapt the concept and have our own Running Man game that will challenge your teamwork and determination. Apart from that, we also offer obstacle challenges where we will prepare many obstacles that you need to pass through that require a lot of energy. If you love water game, this is for you. We have frenzy water challenges that require you to have fun in the sea and explore many interesting games. Want to give it a try? Let’s challenge yourself and your teammates. It will be worth it.


Indoor Teambuilding

We conduct several tele-matches for indoor teambuilding. The matches include ‘The Marshmallow Challenge’ where the participants need to build a tower using marshmallow and spaghetti. The winner will be chosen by evaluating the highest and most stable tower build by the participants. Another match is ‘Guide the Blind’ which one of the members will be blindfolded and the rest will guide him/her to pass over the water. Besides that, we also conduct telematch activities where the participants need to transfer the red beans from a basin to another by using chopsticks.  Apart from that, we also provide telematch activities that require the participants to blow the ping pong ball and move it from a cup to another that fills with water. It will be really interesting to try. Challenge yourself now.

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