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Planning to teach your kids how to cook? 


There are several great classes in India that you can choose from.


Kids Cooking Classes in India are conducted to encourage children to learn cooking as a life skill but in an interactive and fun way. 


A lot of Institutes conduct such classes in order to encourage children to take up cooking as a hobby and use the skillset as a future career option. 


With the popularity of various cooking shows, children get a lot of exposure to various cuisines and techniques of cooking. 


In a country like India where gender-based work is still prevalent in some pockets, this encourages boys to learn cooking and this, in turn, will pave the way to bridge the gap.


What are the best Kids Cooking Classes in India?


The various institutes that offer kids cooking classes in India are,


1. Young Chefs Academy, New Delhi

2. Perfect cookery training center, New Delhi 

3. Little Chef, Begaluru



What is the cost of Kids Cooking Classes in India?


Culinary Institute specifically for Kids Cooking Classes in India is not yet an established concept in India.


But various institutes conduct cooking classes for children on a regular basis and also conduct summer camps and workshops. 


Listed below are few such popular programs




Life Cheflings


Young Chefs Academy


Culinary and Cake Decorating School


Buns and Muffins


Perfect cookery training center


Dough Re Me Kids


Summer Vacation Special Class



What is the average duration of Kids Cooking Classes in India?


The Duration of Kids Cooking Classes in India from some popular cooking courses are listed below:




Life Cheflings

2-hour class

Young Chefs Academy

2-hour class

Culinary and Cake Decorating School

2-hour class

Buns and Muffins

1.5-hour class

Perfect cookery training center

2-day course

Dough Re Me Kids

1-hour class

Summer Vacation Special Class

3-hour class


Why should your kids learn Cooking in India?


  • Appreciate meals - Kids often do not understand the efforts that go into producing and cooking a meal. This way they learn to appreciate the efforts and learn not to waste food.


  • Improve motor skills - Exposing Children to cooking at a young age helps them develop their motor skills and in turn reach their milestones faster.


  • Make them more creative - Cooking can be a way of expression. cooking can be a medium for kids to exhibit their creativity


  • Bond over cooking time - Parent-child bonding is very essential for the emotional development of kids. Cooking can be a good way for parents to spend quality time with children.


  • Practice Reading and Math - reading recipes help children improve their reading and math skills.


What will I learn by taking Kids Cooking Classes in India?


The Kids cooking classes in India help you learn the following basic skills:


  • Basic cooking skills
  • Recipes that are kids-oriented
  • Recipes that are from our day to day lives
  • Teaching cakes, cookies, chocolates, pizzas, salads, bruschetta, exotic sandwiches
  • Safe handling of ovens and pans
  • Cooking and baking


What are the job opportunities for chefs in India?


Kids cooking classes in India lays the basis for children to take up cooking as a career choice. 


Upon completing the necessary courses the following job opportunities are available:


  • Restaurant careers
  • Catering
  • Pastry chefs
  • Personal chefs
  • Food writer
  • Food stylist
  • Food Entrepreneur
  • Specialty Bakers
  • Specialty Chefs
  • Food Photographer 
  • Concept Developer 


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