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Our mission is to achieve our aims through proper and systematic training of kids from grass root levels. It is observed in last decade while travelling throughout the country and by working with various age GROUPS of National Basketball Teams that players lack the basic fundamentals of basketball. After interacting with them through numerous forums our findings and conclusion was that mostly players were trained by physical education teachers at grass root levels causing this deficit.

No doubt physical education teachers are very good in teaching, but coaching is A different concept. The correct and proper solution to this challenge is: We train our coaches with a proper proven methodology and certify them, only certified coaches will deliver their services in Schools and Academies and the entire process will be monitored by our Head Coach Paramdeep Singh.

  • White Avenue Branch

    D A V Sports Complex Shashtri Nagar Lawrence Road, Shastri Nagar, White Avenue, Amritsar

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Ballnest Basketball Academy inspires young athletes and provides a unique development opportunity through exposure to established coaches with proven training techniques.

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