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Features of BLA

British Language Academy is the Best English Language School based in Delhi. We have been teaching English to Indian and foreign students since 2017 and pride ourselves on being one of Delhi’s most reputable English Schools and top ranked IELTS coaching in Shahdara. 

In our school, IELTS coaching in Shahdara, Delhi our focus is on quality and ensuring that every single student feels like part of “British Language Academy Family”. We do this by ensuring that each student is happy with every aspect of their stay on a day to day basis, not just when they enroll. We are the longest standing member school of Quality Service based in Delhi.

We have recently undergone some major renovations including new carpets, new furniture, new lighting, new heating, sound insulation, freshly painted and decorated rooms throughout the building and last but certainly not least new Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms.

All of our Academic Staff have undergone extensive training and we feel the addition of more audio / visual material and Interactive teaching methods will greatly enhance the students learning experience. We have already received phenomenal feedback from students since their introduction.



British Language Academy provides quality education in a caring and friendly environment. Due to the outstanding facilities students in our school experience effective and enjoyable learning methods which highly contribute to their success.



Our staff are highly experienced and qualified, some with more than 12 years teaching experience, including teachers who hold an MBA, PhD or other relevant qualifications in their fields from internationally recognised institutions. Bringing their experience to classes, teachers implement a practical approach into their lessons.

As a result of this, our students undergo a learning process which from the start prepares them for life after education.


Student Needs

Any school or college plays an important part in achieving an eventual goal for its students: good employment opportunities as well as a better quality of life. In British Language Academy we are always interested in each individual and their respective goals. All of our staff ensure that students have the right tools needed to achieve their goals during their time studying with us.

  • Delhi Branch

    24, Ground Floor, Opp. Geeta Gupta Nursing Home, Raj Block, Delhi

Courses offered by British Language Academy



It is designed to assess the language abilities of those who wish to work or study in countries where English is the primary language of communication.

by British Language Academy

Personality Development

Personality Development is about creating self-awareness and strengthening your communication skills to have a positive impact on how you interact with others. This course is designed to help build confidence and enhance an individual’s potential, both personally and professionally.

by British Language Academy

English Teacher Training Course

English teacher training course is for those students who wish to build the career or future in this field of teaching. It is good news for specially girls who most probably want to see themselves as self independent women.

by British Language Academy

Spoken English Advance Course

An advance spoken english course is for those kind of students who have sound knowledge of grammar and vocabularies but some obstructions and short coming don’t let them to speak in English.

by British Language Academy

Spoken English (Basic Course)

Basic level course is for these students who can read and write and understand but they commit so many unavoidable mistakes like grammatical errors and very limited vocabularies.

by British Language Academy

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