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CodeYogi offers a totally free 6 months long software engineering training program that guarantees job to youth from low-income families. All of our trainers are IIT graduates.

With stints at pioneering companies of the tech world. With our extensive network in the industry we scout the right jobs for our students and help them succeed.

  • Mahagunpuram Branch

    Ground Floor, Vikrant Plaza, Near Mahagunpuram, NH 24, Mahagunpuram, Ghaziabad
  • Govind Vihar Branch

    Unnamed Rd, Doon IT Park, Govind Vihar, Dehradun

Courses offered by CodeYogi



Learn version controlling using git. Also learn CI/CD using tools like AWS Amplify, AWS CodeCommit and CodeBuild.

by CodeYogi

React, Redux

Learn how to use React to create SPAs with especial emphasis on code reusability. Also learn effective state management using Redux.

by CodeYogi

Javascript, Typescript

Learn JS as your first programming language and then move to TS. Write code to do simple tasks like printing patterns to get comfortable with coding.

by CodeYogi

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