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A dynamic tech company that provides cutting-edge education for the innovative generation and catalyzing technical education at multiple levels. It’s the pioneer brand serving the B2B and B2C segments simultaneously.

GA Robotics is a dynamic advanced technology company having an advanced range of products, solutions and training that brings the best world-class training, E-learning courses, certified STEM training to your home or organization.

We also have the expertise to design and set up the infrastructure for smart labs in Robotics, IoT, AI, VR, space technology, smart classroom solutions, software-based solutions for education, tinkering and other latest technologies. We provide Educators with the solutions and support to impart this training with the latest certified world-class methodologies and advance products.

We bring the best world-class certified STEM training to your home or institution. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our main focus is on making these concepts so easy to understand that students will easily absorb them. Our courses help student master what is in the textbooks and then go beyond the textbooks and apply that knowledge in projects that bring concepts to life.

GA Robotics also partners with educational organizations and helps set up the infrastructure and design the curriculum to impart STEM training to their students. We also provide training for STEM certification to the teachers and trainers of educational institutions.

When schools and colleges integrate smart classrooms with an innovative curriculum they bring the dry textbook material to life. Such training gives the students the skills required to work with real-life technical jobs. The problem solving and analytical skills that are acquired through AI and machine language are applicable to all areas of life and career.

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    2nd Floor, Sarathi Complex, Stadium Road, Krishnagiri

Courses offered by GA Robotics


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence courses and programs have become a highlight for resumes. It’s an in-demand skill to employ candidates in the technology sector. Gaining an edge over AI is like the cherry on the top of your insightful resume.

by GA Robotics

Machine Learning

Features like image recognition, traffic prediction, self-driving cars, online fraud detection, and many more are based on machine learning. Most of the gadgets are using this technology to derive data for smooth operation.

by GA Robotics

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems course is offered by GA Robotics. Embedded device contains few or all the peripherals inside the module, i.e. SOC (System On Chip). GA Robotics is a technology learning platform where we promote skill-based learning.

by GA Robotics

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality course is offered by GA Robotics. Virtual reality can lead to new and exciting discoveries in these areas which impact upon our day to day. GA Robotics is a technology learning platform where we promote skill-based learning.

by GA Robotics

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things (IoT) course is offered by GA Robotics. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world. GA Robotics is a technology learning platform where we promote skill-based learning.

by GA Robotics

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