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Happy Tutors Learning Centre stands out as a pioneer in the field of education because of our lengthy history and diverse range of services. We have been dedicated to providing high-quality tuition services to children around Singapore, for the past ten years.

Our mission is to ensure that every child will have access to quality education, regardless of their background. Since 2021, The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE, has recognized us as a social enterprise.

By providing low-income families with free tuition programs, we go above and beyond the standard tutoring services. We believe that every child deserves a chance to achieve, despite their financial situation.

Our centres are conveniently located in five locations strategically placed around Singapore for simple access for students from different neighbourhoods.

Our facilities are carefully planned to offer a positive learning atmosphere where students can flourish and achieve their best potential.

One of our distinctive feature is our highly individualised lessons we provide. We are aware that every student has different learning styles and aptitudes.

Each learning group’s needs are carefully evaluated by our knowledgeable tutors, who then adjust the lessons accordingly. This individualized approach enables us to effectively engage students, promote a deeper knowledge of the material, and produce positive outcomes.

We have adopted a multi-modal teaching strategy in order to stay up with the changing educational landscape. Our lessons include a range of interactive technologies, such as computer simulations, carefully chosen video examples, interactive tests, and stimulating group projects.

These techniques encourage critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities while also making learning enjoyable and interesting.

Beyond academic achievement, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our tutors function as mentors, assisting students in acquiring crucial life skills, positive character characteristics, and resilience that will help them in the long run.

Our dedication to social impact remains unwavering as we expand. We are pleased to provide low-income families with free tuition programs, enabling people who would otherwise face barriers to education to pursue their education.

By combining our expertise with a sincere passion for making a difference, we aim to enable every student to realise their greatest potential.


Our Vision

We aim to build character and confidence in our students to motivate them to perform in their tests of merit.

Doing so ensures that students would develop the necessary skill sets to succeed beyond their academics.

By imparting the necessary skill sets and knowledge to the students, we encourage our learners to discover ways to seek information and emerge independent and resilient.


Our Mission

We aspire to inculcate positive attitudes to build character and confidence in our students to motivate them to perform in their tests of merit.

We provide a holistic education by imparting the right attitudes, skills and knowledge to our learners and ensuring that lessons delivered are engaging and effective.


At Happy Tutors,

we believe that primary school, pre-teen years are an imperative period of one’s development. Through our Primary School Tuition, children are able to build a strong foundation in their academics and become well-prepared for the future academic phases.

Our primary school tuition classes are designed to be interactive while keeping in line with the Ministry of Education’s rigorous PSLE curriculum.

 We offer a bespoke approach, selecting lesson materials for each individual student, allowing them to learn and grow effectively and efficiently. They help our students build the confidence much needed to take charge of their learning.


At Happy Tutors,

Our teachers are subject specialists who adapt our lessons to the latest MOE curriculum. This ensures that every lesson helps students optimise their learning for the examinations.

We offer a variety of primary school and PSLE subjects, including English tuition, Maths tuition, Science Tuition and Chinese tuition.


What’s in our Primary Tuition Classes?

• Dynamic, small group classes to maximise individual attention

• High-tech, multimedia-rich learning environment

• Concise and focused learning plan to facilitate deep learning, so that students will understand and retain knowledge better

• Pace ahead of school to gain advantage over peers

• Access to a vast library of quality resources including topical revision worksheets and practice papers


Primary School Tuition Subjects Offered

• English Language

• English Creative Writing

• Chinese Language

• Chinese Creative Writing

• Malay Language & Creative Writing

• Mathematics

• Science

  • West Branch

    519 Jurong West, West

Courses offered by Happy Tutors Learning Centre


A Level Chemistry Tuition

Our A-Levels Chemistry lessons helps students who are struggling to grasp and understand the concepts to prepare for their A-levels.

by Happy Tutors Learning Centre

A Level Physics Tuition

We help students who are struggling with physics in their A-levels physics exams. Our experienced Physics tutors prepare tailor-made weekly lessons to the students according to their requirement and speed of learning, minimising their areas of weakness.

by Happy Tutors Learning Centre

English Tuition

Happy Tutors is known for its proven track record in enhancing the academic performance of students. Our English tutors are trained ex-MOE teachers and subject specialists with outstanding academic backgrounds in English and English-related fields.

by Happy Tutors Learning Centre

Mathematics Tuition Classes

At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, our students are exposed to a wide range of problem solving techniques that are essential to help them tackle Mathematics problems effectively.

by Happy Tutors Learning Centre

A Level Tuition Classes

As an A-levels tuition centre, we maximise the study time of each student so that they can learn most effectively in their busy schedules. H1 and H2 subject differences are clearly defined in our classes so that there is no confusion regarding the scope of exams.

by Happy Tutors Learning Centre

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