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JCube is a premier Digital Science Institute in Asia that is made up of the most respected and passionate practitioners and leaders, many who are Ph.Ds, in the field of digital science and transformation.

Our passion is to support individuals towards Digital Skills Mastery in high job demand areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Technologies, E-Commerce, Data/Digital Storytelling and Filmmaking, amongst others.

With over 8 years of practical experience working on bespoke implementations of data driven strategies that delivers complex prediction and decision-making capabilities to thousands of clients and organizations, our faculty and consultants, together with the organizations that we develop solutions for, have developed training programmes and certification standards that are high and relevant for existing and future industries.

Our faculty’s expertise provides the highest quality of instruction to learners. Our faculty also teach Data Science at renowned Universities at Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Levels and deliver corporate training for hundreds of organizations, government and private corporations; and are known to be the best teachers who are patient and experienced in simplifying difficult concepts for learners to grasp easily. 

We are therefore confident that every certified individual will be well equipped to either advance their careers in their existing jobs or find a new opportunities in Digital Jobs at top organizations. In fact, placement opportunities and scholarships will also be available through our sponsoring organisations for selected candidates at a later stage of certification.

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Courses offered by JCube Institute


Python | Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning

This certification equips students with practical industry coveted skillsets through real-life projects and subsequently transformative leadership with an end-to-end perspective on data science and machine learning.

by JCube Institute

Curriculum Development With Generative AI

In this workshop, we will examine how ChatGPT works in live and demonstrate how it can develop even a lesson plan using this lesson itself as an example. Participants will also learn how to develop curriculum outlines using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools such as MidJourney and DALL-E2.

by JCube Institute

Power BI

Power BI is quickly becoming the world’s most powerful self-service business intelligence platform, and an absolutely essential tool for Data Professionals and beginners alike.

by JCube Institute

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