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Welcome to Kassis Karate Academy, traditionally and internationally known by our Japanese name  SHITORYU KARATE-DO AUSTRALIA SHITOKAI - recognised as one of Australia's leading karate schools based in the north, north-eastern region of Melbourne Victoria.

 We are experts in teaching people authentic, quality karate.  If you are a traditionalist, a sports enthusiast, or simply a parent wanting your child to attain fundamental life skills,  we can help you.

  • Melbourne Branch

    3/8-10 Lindaway Pl, Melbourne
  • Melbourne Branch

    North Carlton Railway House, 20 Solly Avenue, Melbourne
  • Melbourne Branch

    Monmia Primary School - Copernicus Way, Melbourne

Courses offered by Kassis Karate Academy



Our classes offer an essential balance between traditional teachings of ancient techniques that date back hundreds of years, and the most up to date modern methods.

by Kassis Karate Academy

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