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I began my martial arts training in 1993 when I joined an after school Taekwondo class a couple of nights per week. That was the spark that has ignited a deep, lifelong passion for martial arts that shows no signs of slowing down! Since then.

My training has consisted of 2 styles of Taekwondo, Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Tai Chi and Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and brief experiences with other systems. Each learning has allowed me to explore.

The tremendous depth that the martial arts has to offer. The breadth and variety of my study has taught me to value principles over techniques and to appreciate what is common across systems rather than what is different.

  • Sydney Branch

    Unit 115, 14 Loyalty Rd, Sydney

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Our martial arts classes for kids focus on the Korean art of Taekwondo. With athletic kicks, dynamic footwork and rapid combinations, Taekwondo training develops high levels of flexibility and coordination while improving focus and building resilience all in a fun and supportive environment.

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