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The Polyglot is committed to helping you learn and improve your language abilities. At our institute, we have specially designed courses and an educational classroom setting that allows you to study in a very pleasant and comfortable environment.

Our instructional techniques and courses are both Knowledgeable and fun. Our courses will assist you in learning and determining your place in the world of a particular language.

When it comes to studying a foreign language or an Indian language, we offer a highly qualified team and a program that is ideally adapted to your needs. Our instructors are welcoming, devoted, experienced, and skillful, as well as informed about learning pedagogy, allowing our pupils to benefit from a student-centered atmosphere.

Rather than merely providing straightforward tests, our major purpose is to deliver authentic and in-depth information.


What We Do

Active learning techniques competent and committed teaching personnel. Work on improving your speaking abilities. specialised teaching. lively conversation


Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized as a dynamic, expanding, par-level group of national and worldwide institutions for foreign languages that can give students a welcoming, inventive, and accessible environment in which to acquire and use the skills of learning a new language professionally.

  • Hyderabad Branch

    303, Siri Towers, Bluefox Hotel Road, Besides Prime Hospital, Near Mytrivanam, Hyderabad

Courses offered by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute


Time Management

Time Management the polyglot is the best soft skills training in hyderabad we are a team of experienced trainers dedicated to helping individuals and organizations enhance their soft skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence if you are looking for the best soft skills training in Hyderabad, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and how we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute

Basic Spoken English

This Basic Spoken English Course is designed for the people that have little or no experience of the English language.

by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute

Kids’ English

This course helps the school children those who have difficulty to spell and read. Our innovative and exciting course strengthens your child’s spelling and reading power which further enables them to feel easy to develop their English communication skills.

by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute


There are various possibilities for attending spoken Urdu lessons. The Polyglot is an expert in spoken Urdu In Hyderabad. It offers beginner-level to advanced-level Urdu sessions to students of various skill levels. Teachers at these institutions often have a set curriculum.

by Polyglot Indian & Foreign Language Institute

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