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Sophia Education is an educational establishment that provides Small Group Tuition in Singapore or 1-to-1 classes. Our centre consists of the Top 3% of Super Tutors who provide highly personalized lessons for students. The school syllabus is strictly adhered to, ensuring that the lessons are relevant.

Our tutors are highly selected and rated by students, Top University Degree Holders with 7-20 years of experience, and make use of Proven Teaching Methods & Skills.

Practice questions, mock exams, and intensive revisions will be given to prepare students for tests and exams.

Sophia Education has a solid track record, producing results that are 30-40% above the national average. Our tutors are equipped with the skills to motivate students and generate a learning desire through a clean and colourful explanation for abstract concepts.

The truth is Singapore’s school system doesn’t give enough personalized support to students. Teachers in schools just don’t have the resources to give students the proper support they need.

Students need teachers who can teach in a fun and entertaining way, and better yet, who were top students themselves and know the more effective methods to studying.

Just trying to bludgeon everything into a student’s brain by rote memorization is simply not good enough.

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    140 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Central

Courses offered by Sophia Education


History tuition

If you are looking for a History tuition center in Singapore that can provide quality service while helping your child excel, then Sophia Education is the place for you.

by Sophia Education

Economics Tuition

Even though economics is a social science, it can be as difficult and demanding as any of the more challenging academic subjects, including math, chemistry, etc. To do well in economics requires time, dedication, and good study habits.

by Sophia Education

Chemistry Tuition

The different JC Chemistry chapters require different aspect of understanding. Some topics focus on memorization (eg Organic Chemistry), while some topics focus on application of formulae (eg acid-base equilibrium).

by Sophia Education

Maths Tuition

If you or your child are looking for a maths tutor, there are a few important details to understand. Maths tuition is a big step, and one that can ultimately lead to the success, or failure of a student’s H2 Maths studies. In this article we’ll discuss H2 math tuition, also known as JC maths tu...

by Sophia Education

Biology Tuition

The main difficulty most students face with Biology is the lack of interest and somewhat dry nature of the subject. For most, it seems un-needed and too complicated to understand. However, with hard dedication and passion towards understanding this subject, we are certain that you will succeed!

by Sophia Education

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