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India is a growing country and there are thousands of children looking for quality education. The academic sectors are growing up. All big achievement have their roots in small beginnings, but big dreams. The same principal holds good for Mr. Nayan Ranpara. Today the group stands high with many courses and qualified staff.

SWEC believes in shaping your precious future, we visualize us as the top most educators, not only for your Academics but also for your extra curricular, Happy Learning !!


Brief History:

  1. In the year 2004, the founder started institute in a small room with 3 student, 2 teachers and 6 computers. The going was tough, but the founder was tougher and believed in his vision.

  2. Initially the institute offered only computer courses but with the passage of time extra feathers are added in the crown of institute.

  3. After the successful journey of computer teaching. The institute offer spoken English Course.

  4. After receiving great response from the society institute now also offer Jewellery Designing course.

  • Rajkot Branch

    201, Anmol, Raj Palace Chowk, opp. Krishna Child Hospital, Rajkot

Courses offered by SWEC Education


Spoken English (Basic Level)

Lay a solid language foundation with our Basic Level courses, designed to instill essential skills and confidence, ensuring you step into the world of English communication with assurance.

by SWEC Education


Bridge the gap between creativity and precision with our CorelDRAW for CNC courses, empowering you to seamlessly translate your artistic visions into meticulously crafted designs for computer numerical control applications.

by SWEC Education

Rhinoceros 3D

Unleash your creativity in the realm of digital design with Rhinoceros 3D courses, sculpting your imagination into three-dimensional masterpieces through cutting-edge modeling techniques.

by SWEC Education

Python Course

Embrace the simplicity and power of Python with our courses, equipping you to code dynamically, automate tasks, and solve complex problems with elegance and efficiency.

by SWEC Education

Programming In Java

Enter the world of versatile programming with Java courses, mastering the language that powers a myriad of applications, from mobile devices to enterprise systems.

by SWEC Education

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