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25 Years of Embracing Dynamic Solutions and Expressing Life-changing Experiences.

Incorporated in 1996, TechSource Systems is committed to provide quality technology solutions that empower the engineering and R&D community, providing the ultimate computing environment for technical computation and embedded deployment including design, simulation, visualisation and implementation.

As the Authorized Reseller in Southeast Asia for MathWorks Inc, developer of the MATLAB® and Simulink® family of products, we provide organisations and businesses with a variety of the best tools, products and services to facilitate innovations.

Our clients include many research and development institutes as well as multinational companies operating in this region.

We believe in value-added service and delivering solutions that enable scientific accuracy, speed and precision.

This gives our customers the advantage in the ever-changing market, to achieve precision in their design, testing, verification, implementation and embedded deployment processes that ultimately lead to desired end-results.

TechSource Systems and Ascendas Systems Group currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, with its headquarters based in Singapore.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and has been awarded the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2013 Award.



Our Mission

Productivity does not happen; we equip your team with the right tools/solutions to become their best.


Our Vision

TechSource exist because “innovation exist”. Building the eco-system to develop high quality, skilled and motivated workforce to transcend complex problems, national boundaries and culture

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    10 Ubi Crescent,, Central

Courses offered by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group


Processing Big Data With MATLAB

This one-day course focuses on adapting existing algorithms to work with a collection of data files or a single file that is too big to fit in memory. Learn to represent big data in MATLAB®, adjust existing code to work efficiently with it, and scale up the analysis to take advantage of your own c...

by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group

Polyspace for C/C++ Code Verification

This two-day course discusses the use of Polyspace® Code Prover™ to prove code correctness, improve software quality metrics, and ensure product integrity. This hands-on course is intended for engineers who develop software or models targeting embedded systems.

by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group

MATLAB For Data Processing And Visualization

This one-day course focuses on importing and preparing data for data analytics applications. The course is intended for data analysts and data scientists who need to automate the processing, analysis, and visualization of data from multiple sources.

by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group

Machine Learning With MATLAB

This two-day course focuses on data analytics and machine learning techniques in MATLAB® using functionality within Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ and Deep Learning Toolbox™.

by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group

Deep Learning With MATLAB

This two-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to practical deep learning using MATLAB®. Attendees will learn how to create, train, and evaluate different kinds of deep neural networks. The instructor-led training uses NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate network training.

by TechSource Systems & Ascendas Systems Group

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