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Our company is running under the direction of promoter,‘Mr.K.Balamurugan’ and ‘Mr.M.Vasantha Kumar’.Base of our organization is formed by his skills and imminent knowledge.

Their close-knit team of digital marketing, interior, Exterior and architects Designers are well-versed and highly skilled to translate the clients’ vision and ideas into successful projects, which works both practically and aesthetically.

  • Trichy Branch

    Bharathidasan St, Trichy
  • Coimbatore Branch

    2/475 A5, Inthira Nagar, Coimbatore

Courses offered by Thiranz


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop course is offered by Thiranz for all skill level. Our company is running under the direction of promoter Mr. K.Balamurugan. Base of our organization is formed by his skills and imminent knowledge.

by Thiranz

BIM Training

Working in a digital environment isn't the only benefit of Building Information Modeling (BIM). It's about ensuring that teams have the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish best practises, as well as the motivation to stick to them.

by Thiranz

MS Project Training

The Microsoft Project Management training course is a project management software package meant to assist users in planning, allocating tasks to resources and vice versa, monitoring progress, controlling budgets, and analysing workloads relevant to a project.

by Thiranz

TEKLA Training

Steel and concrete are defined in the industry as constructed and durable unmoved tekla structures. The software interface takes users from concept through process production by allowing them to create and monitor structural models in 3D concrete or steel.

by Thiranz

HVAC Training

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is an interior environmental comfort technology that has now become the industry standard for new building construction. HVAC systems that are well-designed and run are essential for maintaining healthy interior conditions in buildings.

by Thiranz

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