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Value Words was established in 2010 in order to facilitate learning of various foreign and regional languages in Thane. It serves as a one-stop shop for all your language needs and provides customized online and offline language courses for adults, children, toddlers and corporates.

Our mission is to acquire, expand, and deepen the knowledge and skills in an individual and help him explore the creative side of his personality. At Value Words, we believe age is no barrier to learning and our courses are designed to make learning easy by leveraging various techniques to facilitate quick learning.


Why Would You Learn a Language?

An evident reason to learn a language is to communicate with the people who speak it, the people whom we meet. Travelling across the globe becomes not only easy but also interesting.

can not only speak their language but also integrate well with their culture. Speaking their language shows your respect for their culture. Knowing a different language also helps you enjoy a country‘s literature, music.

With globalization, speaking more than one language offers better career opportunities. Bilingual qualities shall help you be more saleable and have better career choices.

Research has shown that bilingualism enhances mental abilities in children as well as older people. It not only improves your memory but also age related decline in mental perception. Learning a second language encourages your creativity.


Our Staff

Our trainers are selected carefully considering various aspects like experience, knowledge of the language, talent of teaching students from various fields and varied age groups. They have wealth of experience in the field of language and teaching. They have certifications for various levels in a language.

They constantly update themselves with the latest news in the area of language development. They understand the needs of a student and accordingly conduct the course.



Interactive approach is adapted which consists of theory sessions blended with audio and video sessions. Lot of emphasis is given on to encourage students to talk in class by conducting role-plays, giving presentations and many more. Assessment test is conducted at the end of each course and Value Words’ certificate issued thereupon.


Follow-up Sessions

On completion of the course students can e-mail their queries/inputs to the trainers, who promptly respond to them. Alternatively they can email to institute and these are forwarded to the respective trainers. W

e regularly organise centre table meets, get-togethers for the present and ex-students where they have an opportunity to meet up with trainers and discuss their experiences with the language. During the meet we organise various activities like movie watching, playing in-house games related to the language and workshops.


Word from Proprietor − Hitixa Vora

Languages have always fascinated me. I started my journey with German Language in 2003, in Munich, Germany. I completed my diploma (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom) in German language from Goethe Institute, Munich and LMU (Ludwig Maximillian University) Munich. I started teaching German as foreign language in Munich. With an intensive 6 weeks course

at Mainz University, Germany I received certification in Translation Techniques. This boosted my career and since then I also work as freelance translator (GE > EN). This world of languages is so interesting that I have already started learning Spanish and thus understand Hispanic world.

Back in India we decided to start Value Words to share the language experiences with people here in the form of learning. Value Words was established with the aim of not only to offer language courses but also to bring various languages and their culture here.

  • Thane Branch

    Shop no 27, block 1, Emerald Plaza, Hiranandani Meadows, Off Pokhran road no.2, Gladys Alwares road., Thane

Courses offered by Value Words


Hindi Language

It is one of the second most spoken languages in the world after Mandarin. It is the national and official language of India. Indian songs and hymns have been adapted and used by various popular rap and pop music artists.

by Value Words

Bengali Language

Bengali is the fourth largest language of the world. Bengali is a very poetic and popular language of the subcontinent. Bengali is spoken exactly as it is written so being a phonetic language it is very easy to learn to read. It is the mother tongue of Bangladesh and of West Bengal.

by Value Words

Malayalam Language

Overseas it is also used by a large population of Indian expatriates living around the globe. Our conversation course not only prepares you to speak and understand this language but also gives you an insight in their rich culture.

by Value Words

Gujarati Language

A lot of corporations want to conduct business in Gujarat. Gujarati is used in the Indian state of Gujarat as the main language.

by Value Words

Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit has moulded the minds of our people to the extent to which they themselves are not conscious. Sanskrit literature is national in one sense, but its purpose has been universal.

by Value Words

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