Biotechnology has helped in scientific and medical advancement of the world, and one of the most prominent locations this advancement is taking place in South Africa, thereby prompting several students to take up Ph.D. biotechnology in South Africa. 


Why get a Ph.D. Biotechnology degree in South Africa?


With various career opportunities such as senior researcher, a biomedical engineer and more, Ph.D. biotechnology in South Africa can help you find the perfect job when it comes to research, scientific breakthroughs and organic behavior amongst plants, humans and more. 


  • Local importance of the degree: From the production of HIV/AIDs treatment to genetically modified crops such as Maize, Africa has the means to modify the use of natural resources.
  • Part-time Job while learning: While completing your research paper here in South Africa, you'll also gain part-time employment benefits and improve your understanding of biodiversity.
  • Affordability: Studying here will also be hassle-free due to proper living amenities and traveling. 


What is the cost of a Ph.D. in BioTechnology degree South Africa?


The University of Johannesburg has been churning out academic researchers from their Ph.D. program for biotechnology for years now, and is preferred more by the students when compared to other institutions offering Ph.D. in biotechnology in other countries.


The breakdown of the fees of the institution is as follows:




Accommodation Charges

The University of Johannesburg

51,300 Rand per year 

36,660 Rand Per Year


What is the duration of Ph.D. BioTechnology South Africa?


The duration of Ph.D. biotechnology in South Africa lasts for 4-5 years, depending on the pace of the student in their research/project that is undertaken by them.


What are the best Ph.D. Biotechnology Universities in South Africa?


The University of Johannesburg is the only recognized institution offering Ph.D. biotechnology in South Africa. 


Under the faculty of science, you'll have the benefit of taking up your research work and completing your paper in a maximum of 4 years. The faculty of science also has its renowned community of scholars and researchers who aid all students to understand their Ph.D. papers. 


What will I learn by taking Ph.D. BioTechnology in South Africa?


There are various options regarding your chosen subjects for the research paper under the Ph.D. biotechnology in South Africa. The student can choose from the following streams, and get comprehensive learning about them:


  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • Medical Engineering and Research. 
  • Protein Purification Methods. 
  • Bioinformatics.
  • Bioseparation. 
  • Integrative Bioscience. 


What jobs I can get after taking Ph.D. BioTechnology in South Africa?


Your job scope will be higher after completing your Ph.D. Biotechnology in South Africa when compared to someone who just has a Bachelor's or Master’s degree. 


Following jobs are the most opted for by Ph.D. graduates in South Africa in biotechnology:


  • Research Scientist. 
  • Clinical Research Associate. 
  • Analytical Chemist. 
  • Clinical Biotechnologist. 
  • Healthcare Scientist. 
  • Toxicologist. 

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