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All you need to know about taking Language classes in South Africa.


What various MNCs and KPOs look for in candidates is their fluency and clarity in the language which you learn by taking Language courses in South Africa. 


Currently, the whole of Africa is getting less than 1% of the world’s total translation revenue, according to another Common Sense Advisory report. 


Translators without Borders said in an interview, sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t have much of the translation industry (Source). Pursuing Language courses in South Africa could be a good career option.


Here is a table of language classes in South Africa along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Alliance Francaise

Cape town

French classes

7-14 weeks

R 3,800

Good Hope School

Cape Town

General English Classes

24 weeks

R 3,544

Spanish Made Easy


Spanish Course

12 weeks


Cape Studies

Cape Town

Standard English Course

1 week


Durban Language Centre


General English

1 week

R1850.00 per week

AMBASSADOR English Language School.


English Classes

1 month

R2950 per month

Oxford English Academy

Cape Town

General English

1-13 weeks

1-4 weeks - $259 per week.

5-8 weeks -$249 per week.

9-12 weeks - $239 per week.

13+ weeks -$219 per week

Avenue English


General English

2-48 weeks

$200 / €185 per week

Jose Hares School of Spanish

Cape Town

Spanish Language Course

Beginner, Level 2, Level 3 - 8 weeks each

Beginner -R 3190

Level 2- R2000

Level 3- R2000

UCT language centre

Cape Town

English Language Course

1-24 weeks(20 lessons per week)

1-3 weeks -R3820

4-7 weeks - R3620

8-11 weeks - R3440

12-23 weeks - R3070

24+ weeks -R2780


Why you should learn Language courses in South Africa?

Learning a foreign language in South Africa enables you to explore more career opportunities within the government vacancies and within the travel industry.


There are several international companies doing business in South Africa and if you are a South African and can speak a foreign language as well, your paycheck is drastically going to be fat.


What is the cost of Language classes in South Africa?


The cost of a beginner level Language course in South Africa can range from R200 to R1000.


What is the average duration of Language classes in South Africa?


Depending on the level of the course you are in, a beginner, intermediate and advanced language course in South Africa could range for 1 month to 3 months for every level. 


What are the best Language learning centres in South Africa?


Some of the popular Language centres of South Africa are:






LAL Language Centre

Cape Town


Wits Language School



South African Language Academy

Cape Town


Language Teaching Centre

Cape Town


Language Geniuses Academy



The Language Lab



Bay Language Institute

Port Elizabeth


Durban Language Centre



Oxford English Academy

Cape Town


EF International Language Campus

Cape Town


What will I learn by taking a Language course in South Africa?


By pursuing a Language course in South Africa, you learn the following:


  • The basics of language such as alphabets, phonetics, spelling, pronunciation, counting, etc.
  • How to articulate likes and dislikes in a particular language.
  • How to make conversation in restaurants. 
  • How to use grammar elements such as verbs, adjectives, nouns in a sentence. 


What is the salary of a translator in South Africa?


A translator earns an approximate amount of R264,856 in South Africa.


You can also go for many other job options after taking up language classes in South Africa, such as:


  • Interpreter
  • Teacher
  • Blogger

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