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Planning to learn a Spanish Language course in South Africa?


Here is a table of Spanish Language Courses in South Africa along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The Spanish Academy South Africa


Spanish Course

14 weeks



School of Spanish

Cape Town

Spanish Course


8 weeks


Durban Language Centre


Spanish Course

8 weeks


University of the Witwatersrand


Spanish Course

10 weeks

Group R5900

Lingo School

Cape Town

Learning Spanish

5, 10, 20 lesson



Colegio Espanol


Spanish Course (levels)

20 weeks


Cape Town International School of Language

Cape Town

Spanish Course

Minimum of 10 hours

Group R150/Hr



What are the Top Spanish Language institutes in South Africa?


1. The Spanish Academy South Africa, Johannesburg,South Africa

2. School of Spanish, Cape Town, South Africa

3. Durban Language Centre, Durban, South Africa

4. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

5. Lingo School, Cape Town, South Africa

6. Colegio Espanol, Pretoria, South Africa

7. Cape Town International School of Language, Cape Town, South Africa



What is the cost of Spanish Language courses in South Africa?


  • As shown in the table above, the cost of Spanish Language courses in South Africa varies. Some offer a discounted price of R4275 with a Regular Price of R6200 and they are also offering a 2x installment for R3500.


  • They also have for Beginner class for only R3190 and for Level II and up for only R2000 this already includes a specially designed manual. Others offer it for Group classes and Private classes, amounting to R150 per hour and R250 per hour, respectively.


  • You can also see on the table above, one institute offers it depending on the number of students. If it is10+ students, it will cost them R5900 each, for 5-9 students that will be R6300, for 2-4 that is R10500 and for 1 person that will be R19000.



What is the duration of Spanish Language courses in South Africa?


As per the table above, most institutes have a duration of up to 20 weeks. They also have it for 10 hours or more and by lessons of 5, 10 and 20.



What is the salary of a Spanish Tutor in South Africa?


The salary of a Spanish Tutor in South Africa is from R185 - R222 per hour.

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