Are you looking for Mandarin Chinese classes in South Africa? Here are the Top 10 Mandarin Chinese courses in South Africa.


The course fee of Mandarin Chinese courses in South Africa ranges from R3600 for a 10-lesson Chinese course, up to R7900 for a 10-week Mandarin class.

17 course(s) offered by institutes in South Africa
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Unisa - The University of South Africa Logo

Mandarin Chinese

Unisa is offering this module to develop students' basic knowledge and skills of Chinese pronunciation, using common and simple Chinese expressions in everyday life, and writing Chinese characters.

Cheapest by Unisa - The University of South Africa [ Claim Listing ]
Dante Durban Logo

Chinese Language 

Online & In-person Private Language Lessons.

Cheapest by Dante Durban
Mzansi Language School Logo

Chinese Languag (Level 1)

Chinese Languag (Level 1) lessons are offered by Mzansi Language School. Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun. By practicing day-to-day conversation you will build your vocabulary and understanding of the language your desire.

Cheapest by Mzansi Language School
Magri’s Language Institute Logo


The objective of the course is to learn a new language through fun interactive activities, role-plays, games and songs

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Cape Town International School of Languages Logo


From Beginners to Advanced Level, the recordings (transferable to flash drives and your phone) are absolutely brilliant replicas of the live lessons

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Language Teaching Centre Logo

Mandarin Private Lessons

As these are Private Lessons, you can advise if you don’t wish to use course material, or if you only want to practice a specific skill in the language

Cheapest by Language Teaching Centre
Extralingual Logo


Mandarin Language course is offered by Extralingual for all skill level. Our experienced and qualified teachers give private or group language lessons for all levels and at the venue of your choice. We also provide language classes as an extracurricular activity to schools.

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Wits Language School Logo


Our part-time Mandarin courses focus on teaching you how to communicate in real-life situations. We introduce you gradually to new language and ensure that your speaking and reading skills develop through practice and reinforcement. 

by Wits Language School
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Alpha Service Provider Logo


Mandarin lessons are offered by Alpha Service Provider. We have a staff of professionals having more than five years of experience in the retraining of personnel of many administrations and governments in Africa and around the world.????????????????????????????

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Dante Alighieri PBM Logo


Chinese is important for your careerInternational businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.

by Dante Alighieri PBM [ Claim Listing ]
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