Science tuition in South Africa has helped many students in getting a stable grasp of school lectures after school, and to go further into their academics and excel.


Parents should be aware of certain things before choosing a tuition class/course for their kids. 


Let’s take a look at all of the factors that are needed to be considered.


Why students need a Science Tuition in South Africa?


  • Students can plan their tuition time and keep a balance between study and leisure all while keeping up the pace with their academic curriculum. 


  • As schools lack in one on one attention to students, Science tuition in South Africa enhances high school students ability to grasp knowledge and clear doubts by getting a better understanding of Science chapters of their school.


  • Better grades after a tuition is a no brainer.


What is the fees for Science tuition in South Africa?


This table can give you an idea about the fees structure for  science coaching in South Africa:


Tutor Name/Agency


Fees (per month)

First Tutors

Science Subjects

6 Rands per tutor. 

Educate SA

Science Subjects

15-20 Rands per tutor. 



What is the duration of Science Tuition in South Africa?


A science tuition in South Africa can take anywhere from 2-8 months, depending upon the duration parents or students are comfortable with.


What are the most famous Science Tuition Classes in South Africa?


You have the benefit of choosing from multiple institutions and agencies Science tuition in South Africa. Here are the few renowned ones.


1. Educate SA

2. First Tutors.

3. Promaths. 

4. Leap Science and Maths School.

5. Goodie Tutors.

6. Master Science. 


What will I learn from Science coaching in South Africa?


Your science tutor can help you train for the examinations comprehensively, with training provided in the following subjects:


  • Physical Science.
  • Biology.
  • Environmental Science. 
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry. 
  • Forensic Chemistry.


What jobs I can get after taking Science Tuitions in South Africa?


With the help of private tutoring or tuition agencies, you can expect your grades to help you find profitable sources of income after completing your high school graduation


Here are some jobs you can get in the field of Science.


  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Medical Professional
  • Scientist
  • Food Technologist. 
  • IT controller. 
  • Senior Mobile Developer. 
  • Clinical Application Specialist. 
  • Supplement and Vitamin Consultant.
  • Development Manager.

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Every one of our Science tutors scored a distinction+ for Science in high school, has studied Physics, Chemistry or Biology at university, passed our intake Science exam with distinction, and then completed our tutor training programme with distinction.

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