Planning to learn Islamic Banking and Finance in South Africa?


Here is a table of Islamic Banking and Finance courses in South Africa along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Regent Business School


Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance,Banking and Law

1 year

R43 000



What are the Top Islamic Finance and Banking Institutes in South Africa?


1. Regent Business School, Durban



What is the cost of Islamic Finance and Banking courses in South Africa?


The average cost of the course is R43 000.



What is the duration of Islamic Finance and Banking courses in South Africa?


The average duration of the course according to the above table is 1 year.



What is the salary of a Finance Officer in South Africa?


Average Finance Officer Salary in South Africa R243,817.

6 course(s) offered by institutes in South Africa
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Islamic Banking And Finance (Professional/Corporate Training)

Islamic financial instruments (Murabahah, Ijarah, Dimnishing Musharakah, Mudarabah, Salam), Risk Management & Accounting

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Islamic Finance (A Brief Introduction)

The course covers key principles underlying Islamic finance, prohibitions and modes of financing.

Online by Udemy
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Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance, Banking and Law

The course is aimed at students who are seeking to have more than a basic understanding of the concepts and operating principles that apply to Islamic banking in comparison to conventional banking.

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Islamic Banking and Finance - Theory and Practice

In this introductory course, rather than focusing on theoretical aspects of Islamic finance only, we take a real world practice based approach to present the concepts of Islamic finance and how it differs from conventional banking.

Online by Udemy

Islamic Finance and Banking

Learn about the foundation and key features of the Islamic financial and banking system.

Online by edX
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Introduction to Islamic Finance

Learn one of the fastest growing segment of global financial system Course with Timur K.

Online by Skillshare
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