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Course Fees : R3500 to R7500

Why you should learn Facial course in South Africa?


When it comes to skincare courses, we have multiple options available. The list below will show you top facial courses or training centres that are available in South Africa today.


By joining one of these beauty schools you will learn many methods, techniques and new trends that are being used in doing facials such as the use of charcoal mask, using serums, chemical peel and so on.


What are the most famous facial institutes/schools in South Africa? 


There are many beauty salons in South Africa that offer advanced facial courses. The top 5  beauty schools in South Africa are:


1. Madge Wallace International Beauty Therapy in Randburg

2. Camelot International Health & Skincare in Pretoria 

3. Beauty Therapy Institute in Sandton. 

4. Hydro International College

5. Susca Watts Beauty Academy


What Will I learn by taking a Facial Course in South Africa? 


There are many types of facials such as anti-ageing facial, fruit facial treatment, acne reduction facial, regular facial, basic cleanup facial, aromatherapy facial and antioxidant facial. 


Therefore you can say that learning how to do facial is much more complexed than it seems.


You must be aware of the basic components and the right use of ingredients which can only be learned if you have joined a professional facial training in South Africa.


What is the average income by doing facial courses/classes in South Africa?


As far as income is concerned, a facial specialist can earn around R 6,392 per month according to Indeed. There are other sources that have recorded a monthly salary of around R 9,135 for facial technicians in South Africa. This isn’t so bad if you are just starting your career as a facial technician. 


The skincare industry is also very generous when it comes to compensations. According to PayScale:


  • If you have an experience of around ten to nineteen years as a beauty therapist in South Africa, then chances are that your average salary including compensation will be around R 83,168 which is a total of 84 salaries.


  • The facial experts who have experience of more than twenty years have been observed to earn around R 87,000.


From this observation, we can conclude that by learning how to do facial from a recognized beauty school in South Africa, you will be able to earn a great income which will guarantee future success in the skincare industry.


What jobs I can get after taking facial course in South Africa?


You can work as a freelance facial specialist in South Africa provided that you have maintained all the standards to do so. 


In order to become a facial specialist, you need to do the following:


  • Complete qualification of at least level 2 or three


  • Start by joining a spa or salon as an assistant 


  • Study further to meet the requirements of becoming a facial expert in South Africa.


What is the average price range of facial course in South Africa?


If you want to learn manual facial in South Africa then the price would be R 9,800 with a kit, if you want to take the class including practical and therapy then the maximum hours for the course would be around 110. This extensive facial course will then teach you how to do cleansing, exfoliating, dermatology, massage and advanced analysis of the skin.


From the information given above we can conclude that by joining a facial academy in South Africa, you will be able to earn a great income and improve your skills as a facial specialist.

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