Badminton in South Africa has been popular since the 1960s. Inspired by the heroics of Alan Parsons in the German Open 1965 and Irish Open 1967, Badminton has attained cult status in the African countries. Currently, South African badminton is considered the best in the continent. This is why Badminton training classes in South Africa have become the obvious choice for badminton enthusiasts. 


What are the best Badminton training academies in South Africa?


Some of the best badminton training institutes in South Africa are listed below:


1. Badminton Confederation of South Africa, Pretoria

2. The Wanderers Club, Johannesburg

3. Adelaide Badminton Centre, Adelaide


Why take Badminton classes in South Africa?


As South Africa is reaching a new height in the world of sports, badminton as a form of sports has always been popular. In order to meet such a newly found demand in the South African sports market, several academies have intricately designed training programs. 


What is the cost of Badminton training classes in South Africa?


The cost of taking badminton training classes in South Africa is not specific as different training centre charges in accordance with quality training and facilities provided. 


What is the average duration of Badminton training classes in South Africa?


The average duration of taking badminton training classes in South Africa is approximately a month. It may exceed depending on the duration of membership and interest and ability of the trainee.



What will I learn by taking Badminton training classes in South Africa?


Badminton training classes in South Africa prepare you mentally and physically for all the rudimentary and modern techniques in the game.

Specialized training and coaching prepare you in enhancing your reflexes and abilities to be able to play at national and international levels.

The country offers its badminton training regimes and classes for all levels, which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 


What jobs can I get as a Badminton player in South Africa?


After finishing up with badminton training classes in South Africa, you can opt for many career paths:

  • You can register yourself at BSA and take up the mantle of coaching in academies or sports clubs or even schools.
  • You can even opt to continue playing and keep participating in national or international matches to bring glory to your player resume and bringing victories for your country.

The SA government also offers government jobs to the players who possess certain accomplishments in the game at national or international levels. 

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