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NEBOSH Training Institutes in the United Kingdom offers internationally accepted health, safety, and environmental management qualifications. The table below depicts a summary of NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom.


Course Types


Average Course Price

NEBOSH International Certificate Course

Minimum of 10 working days (2 weeks)


NEBOSH Diploma Соurse 

24 months (2 Years)




Why should I study NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom?


NEBOSH courses in the United Kingdom has two primary advancement routes Certificate and Diploma-level qualifications. These qualifications meet the academic requirements for Graduate membership of any professional bodies. 


What is the average price range of studying NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom?


Studying NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom is relatively cheap with prices ranging from £450 to £1,900. Studying NEBOSH courses in the United Kingdom comes at an average cost of £1,700 (plus VAT if applicable) & £130 for NEBOSH Exam Fees. This fee includes students’ refreshments and all training materials


What is the average duration of NEBOSH course in the United Kingdom?


The average duration for acquiring a NEBOSH International Certificate qualification is ten (10) working days. The average duration to undergo a NEBOSH Diploma course in the United Kingdom is twenty four (24) months (two years). Exams are usually written either in January or July. The NEBOSH training course certificate is delivered over an average of 10 days spread over several weeks. While undergoing NEBOSH training in the United Kingdom, detailed training materials are provided. 


What are the most famous NEBOSH training institutes in the United Kingdom?


NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom can be studied easily as NEBOSH Training Institutes are located throughout the United Kingdom. They offer various modes of study to suit the needs of the individual. The methods are:


1. Full-time block release

2. Part-time day or evening courses


Some of the NEBOSH Training Institutes in the United Kingdom offering NEBOSH courses are outlined below:


1. Training Centre - UK London located at Marble Arch, Garfield House, 86 Edgware Rd, London.

2. Ormerod Management Services Ltd (OMS) Ltd situated at 1 Dromintee Road, Bardon Hill, Leicestershire.

3. SQT Training Ltd, Callan Centre, Castletroy, National Technology Park, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

4. Castleknock Hotel, Porterstown Road, Dublin (Castleknock) Ireland.

5. British Safety Council, it is located at 70 Chancellors Road, Hammersmith, London.


What will I learn by studying NEBOSH course in the United Kingdom?


NEBOSH Courses in the United Kingdom is specially designed for individuals with a desire to progress their career within the United Kingdom. NEBOSH training helps professionals to develop their knowledge and expertise.


There are five critical areas enclosed in NEBOSH Diploma:


  • Managing of health and safety
  • Managing stress at work.
  • Impact of human factors in reducing incidents.
  • Identification and control of risk
  • Understanding the legal frameworks for health and safety in the United Kingdom.


The NEBOSH International General Certificate in the United Kingdom is designed, especially for professionals who want to gain a strong knowledge about health and safety. NEBOSH training on International General Certificate is broken down into two sections.


  • The first section focusing on managerial issues
  • Common hazards and control measures.


What jobs can I get after studying NEBOSH courses in United Kingdoms?


An estimated 50,000 people take a NEBOSH qualification every year worldwide. Studying NEBOSH Course in the United Kingdom makes available the necessary tools for the candidate to become a great asset to their present company or potential employer, who will value these well sought after skills. 


The average UK median annual salary for a professional with NEBOSH qualification is £50,000 and it is expected to rise by +5.88% yearly. As a professional who has a NEBOSH qualification, you can work amongst others as a:


  • Environment, Health & Safety Manager.
  • Senior Safety Advisor.
  • Health & Safety Coordinator.
  • Health & Safety Manager

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