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Planning to do a Bachelor of Law degree in the US?


Here is a table of law courses in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The University of Arizona


BA Law

3+3 Years

US$37,116 per year

Southern New Hampshire University

New Hampshire

BS in Justice Studies - Law & Legal Process

4 years

US$20,000 per year

Illinois State University


Legal Studies (B.A. or B.S.)

4 years

27,069 USD per year

Penn law- University of Pennsylvania


Sociology: Law and Society, BA

4 years


Immaculata University

New York City

Bachelor’s degree leading to a Juris Doctor degree

6 years

$26,900 per year

American University Washington

Washington DC

BA Legal Studies Law

4 Years


Florida Coastal school of law



3 years

$39,790 per year

Stanford University


JD in law and education

3 years

$20,725 per year

Florida State University



3 years

$27,354 per year 

University of South Dakota

South Dakota

BA Criminal Justice

4 Years




What are the Top institutes for Bachelor of Law in the US?


1. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

2. Columbia University, New York, NY

3. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

5. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

6. Yale University, New Haven, CT

7. University of California, Berkeley, CA

8. Stanford University, Stanford, CA

9. Georgetown University, Washington, DC

10. University of Texas, Austin, TX



What is the cost of a Bachelor of Law degree in the US?


The average cost of completing a law course in the US is $34,095 per year.



What is the duration of a Bachelor of Law degree in the US?


The average duration of law courses in the US is 3-4 years depending on the degree type. A Joint Degree can stretch upto to 6 years and a simple Bachelor program may go upto 4 years.



What is the salary of a lawyer in the US?


A lawyer earns an approximate amount of $107,549 per year in the US.

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