Are you looking for French language courses in the USA? Here are the Top 10 French language classes in the USA.


The course fee of French language training in the USA ranges from $50 for a 1-hour per class French Language Course, up to $1620 for a 3-month French language class.

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Atlanta International Language Institute Logo


We have amazing French programs for anyone who wants to learn! Spoken in France and in many other countries (including the province of Quebec, in Canada), French is another far reaching language. 

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French language class is offered by The Quadrilingual Academy.The Quadrilingual Academy strives to develop tolerant and brilliant International Citizens that have endless curiosity and understanding about the world in which they live.

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Pasadena Language Center Logo

French Language Classes

French is one one of the great languages of the world. Besides being spoken in France, it is one of the languages of Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.

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California Language Academy Logo


French language private class is offered by California Language Academy.Learning a foreign language can open up a world of opportunities at work and in your private life.

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We aim to offer compelling group courses like French New Wave Cinema, and French Book club to keep our more advanced students engaged.

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Beverly Hills Lingual Institute Logo

Learn French

The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is the premier French language school in Los Angeles, fostering a dedicated student body and a rich, supportive atmosphere for learning French.

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Jacques International Language Academy Logo


French language course is offered by Jacques International Language Academy.Our students learn from quality Native Speakers with wholeheartedness, passion, and care.

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Language Loop Logo

Learn French

We offer french programs at all proficiency levels. Please contact us or drop by to schedule a free level assessment if you have previously studied french. 

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Askademic Logo


French language course is offered by Askademic.The space is designed around a Belgium theme, from the architecture to the tricycles, all with the goal of providing your child with an immersive language learning environment.

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LanGo Institute Logo


French language class is offered by LanGo Institute.We provide students opportunities to improve their second and heritage language abilities through introductory workshops, small group classes, personalized private lessons, and social language+ experiences.

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Showing Courses 21 - 30

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