LiveMusicTutor: Safe Music Learning For Kids during the Pandemic

LiveMusicTutor: Safe Music Learning For Kids during the Pandemic

While the world was battling with the ongoing pandemic, many industries and businesses were forced into lockdown and saw a massive recession. One sector that saw its finest boom during COVID-19 was the ‘e-learning’ business. Digital learning is becoming mainstream and it is likely to upend many of the current traditional education practices, models, and processes in the years to come. 

Although it is no surprise that the increasing popularity of digital learning has surpassed the initial expectations, there are several platforms that have taken this leap to the next level by introducing a learning mechanism that is far more realistic and interactive than you can imagine. One such platform is a completely online music education platform catering to the music education and music therapy needs of the global audience. Whether an individual or a group would like to learn an instrument or enhance their playing skills, Live Music Tutor has a solution for all.  Music therapy provides services for many needs including autism, dementia, Alzheimer's, substance abuse, depression, and many more.


Live Music Tutor is a first-of-its-kind, all-out music education platform offering proprietary platforms built for music education and addressing both the sound and visual requirements of music education. 


"Because of the pandemic most of us had to learn to adapt to virtual or online learning," said Ted Gee, president of Live Music Tutor.


"For many, this was exceedingly difficult as they shifted from traditional learning methods to virtual or hybrid solutions. The experience was not good for many teachers and students as many districts used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Go to Meeting, and other platforms that were not built for music lessons or many other uses other than virtual meetings. Security and privacy issues including Zoom bombing, hacking, and other issues forced many to abandon these sites. The quality of interaction, latency, and bandwidth issues made it almost impossible for many schools and music programs to conduct music lessons. Many were forced to conduct music theory or other classes without using live instruments or performances."


Live Music Tutor was founded in 2011 and with its inception and growth over the years, it has transformed and globalized music education through its ‘Interactive Real-Time Online Music Lessons’ from a Trusted Community carved through extensive vetting and selection. 


Notable Features:


  • Virtual music lessons 24/7 in over 30 instruments (including voice)
  • Private, group, and mass audience lessons
  • Live streaming two-way video music lessons
  • Students of all ages and skill levels are welcomed
  • A large pool of qualified, experienced, and vetted instructors to choose from
  • Over 1000 instructors from around the world
  • Built key strategic relationships with over 1,100 colleges and universities
  • LMT has been selected to advocate for policy and funding benefiting music and arts education to members of Congress in Capitol Hill as part of the NAMM advocacy fly-in.
  • Participated in UCF and Grow FL accelerator program for high-potential small businesses
  • World’s first platform to deliver virtual rehearsals and performances in real-time.
  • Has won many global awards including the HID Global Innovation Award from the Austin Tx chamber of commerce.
  • Published in a variety of magazines and articles.  
  • Quality assurance guaranteed


E-learning Business is Growing Worldwide:


Going a few decades back, explaining an online learning portal & opportunity to someone would be considered a waste of breath, but in today’s digital platform, this idea has thrived and it keeps on expanding as the e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion by 2025.  


Benefits of Virtual Learning Platforms such as Live Music Tutor:


The traditional Brick and mortar learning system are becoming less convenient to the masses as it lacks so many of the astonishing benefits sought out through the digital learning platforms such as the convenience to attend a lesson from home (or any other location), the flexibility of the timings, escaping the geographical barriers such as spending time on travel back and forth to the learning center, overcoming locomotion limitations of special need students, the elderly people or children, everything has been revamped through this miracle called ‘digital learning’. 


Music is a core subject in education and a vital art form that has been studied, practiced, and passed on from previous generations to the next ones. Preserving the means to stimulate proper education is a must for all subjects but when it comes to Music, traditional speculations about online learning were hindering the growth and movement of an all-out digitally revolutionized one-stop destination which is now possible thanks to the modern advent and infrastructure of the 21st century allowing the whole world to stay connected and benefit from this wonderful setup. 


With Live Music Tutor, you can choose between a wide range of instruments whether it's to fine-tune your singing skills or your goal of upgrading your knowledge of rocking with the drums. There is an instructor for you and an upcoming lesson available round the clock. As an instructor, it can provide you with an opportunity to stay connected with your students in a like-minded community with a shared passion for music. As a learner, you can gain all the skills promised in an in-class training only with the furthest benefits of cost and time saving, the convenience of study and practice, hassle-free enrolment and online lessons, interactive class environment and so much more.


Live Music Tutor is an LPS Enterprises company.  LPS enterprises have recently released new online brands built with similar technology as Live Music Tutor with vetted instructors. These news brands are and that will cater to the cooking and wellness industries.

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