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Why You Should Learn Henna Courses in the United States of America?


There are many reasons why you should consider taking henna classes in the United States of America such as starting your own freelance business as a henna artist in America. Lately, applying henna on hands and other parts of the body has been high in demand. Be it weddings or parties, women are always looking for some great henna artists that they can find and hire easily. 


Moreover, learning how to apply henna will help you in grooming your henna designs and the way you apply henna. This way you might get hired in a recognized henna salon such as Henna Beauty Salon in Hackensack, Sweet Salon – Eyebrow Threading and Henna Tattoo located in Uptown Dallas as well as Heena Salon which is in Richardson.


Once you have joined any of these famous henna salons, you will learn more about the latest trends of henna and how to work under pressure. This is why it is recommended to start your henna course today and make the most of your career as a henna expert in the USA!


Private Class

Group Class

Average Duration

Average Price

Average Duration

Average Price

Two hours


5 hours




What is the Average Price range of Henna Course in the United States of America?


If you want to join a henna course in the United States of America then we have many options for you in New York, Brooklyn, California, San Francisco and Philadelphia. The average price of a henna course in America starts with $55 and goes up to $450 depending on various factors like the location and experience of a particular henna coaching center.


What is the Average Duration of Henna Courses in the USA?


As far as the duration is concerned, we can expect average timings of around two hours to five hours or more. That too depends on the quality of a course you are taking and the standards a particular henna academy in the USA has to maintain. Longer henna courses ensure guaranteed learning and ease of understanding different techniques and methods that should be kept in mind while applying henna.


What are the most Famous Henna Academies in the USA?


There are many henna academies that are located in different corners of America but a few from the list are mentioned below:


1. Ash Kumar Beauty

2. Asha Salva


What will I Learn by Taking Henna Courses in the USA?


By taking a professional henna class in the USA you will be able to learn all about the basic principles of applying henna as well as advanced courses on henna designing. The beauty industry is evolving day by day and henna art is not staying behind. There is a high demand for unique henna designs and people are always looking for henna artists in the United States of America. Having this said, by joining a henna course you will be able to learn how to create:


  • Arabic henna designs
  • Indo Western henna designs
  • Moroccan henna designs
  • Western henna designs and so on!


What Jobs I can get after taking Henna Courses in the USA?


There are many job opportunities that you can avail by completing a henna course in the USA. You may be hired as a:


  • Henna artist hired by a salon
  • Henna artist for a specific outdoor event
  • Freelance henna artist
  • Henna artist for wedding
  • Henna artist for parties


There are so many similar jobs that you can take by becoming a certified henna artist in the USA. The average income of a henna artist in America is around $50 to $100 per hour. This means that by taking up henna as a full-time job, you will be able to earn a lot more than you think!


So have a look at the list below and explore different henna classes and henna coaching centers that are available in the United States of America. 

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