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Have you ever considered taking nail art courses in the United States of America? Are you struggling with finding authentic nail academies that deliver what they promise? Then we have your back. Have a look at some of the most amazing nail art classes that are available all across the USA. The American beauty industry is fast on its speed pedal when it comes to nail art and we can show you why.


People are more attracted towards purchasing beauty and personal care products and services. The revenue of America’s nail industry has been observed to grow by 2.2% which is $61.4 billion in the past five years. There are further chances of revenue growth of the nail industry by 1.3% in 2019.


This means that you have a great chance to learn new skills and become a nail technician by joining a reliable nail academy in the United States of America. These academies will teach you all about nail care, nail health, nail art and nail design.  


You can learn many nail salon courses that are available in different cities of America including New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hawaii, San Francisco and Oakland. The horizon of the nail industry has widely expanded in the USA in the past decade. 


This can be estimated by the fact that there were around 395,600 nail technicians in the USA in 2018 and over 56,300 nail salons that were being run by different individuals throughout the USA. The annual salary of pedicurists and manicurists was observed to be $25,860 in America as of 2018.


This means that if you choose to become a nail technician in America then you have an opportunity of earning a great income. Provided that you are dedicated to your profession as well as have the right qualifications to be a nail technician. 


We all know how a professional certificate is so impactful at the beginning of a career. Same is the case with nail courses. If you have successfully completed a nail art course in the USA then you will certainly become a certified nail expert in no time.


This will increase your chances of getting hired by big salons like JT Nail & Spa, Cani Nails in Michigan, Akiko Nails, Bed of Nails, Chillhouse and Bisou.


These nail salons have secured a permanent mark in the nail industry and therefore becoming a part of these famous nail salons in the USA is a great way to boost your career as a nail technician. All you have to do is to complete all the required courses and take the necessary classes that are essential if you want to become a professional nail expert.


On average a nail academy can cost you around $3,000 to $5,000 for a solid 300-600 hours course. According to various surveys, the total cost that is incurred in joining a nail academy in the USA is under $5,000. However, the prices may vary depending on the area of expertise of these nail academies. 


There are also many affordable nail academies in the USA that start at $500 to $600 per course.  A nail technician certificate will also ensure that the process of getting a license is made easier in some if not all states.


So what are you waiting for? Join the nearest nail academy near you today and enjoy nail classes that will teach you a lot about the nail industry in the USA.  

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