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Course Fees : $40 to $120

Badminton training classes in the US are backed by a strong line of coaches ranging from parents, volunteers, teachers to full-time professionals.


With a plethora of scholarship programs available for students, the training program is made accessible to all walks of society. More than that, badminton training in the US provides a rewarding career option as coaches, players, and others.


What are the best Badminton training academies in the USA?


Some of the best badminton training institutes in the USA are listed below:


1. Chicago Badminton Training Centre

2. Michael’s Badminton Academy

3. USA Badminton- Human Kinetics Coach Education

4. Synergy Badminton Academy

5. USAB coach- Team USA

6. Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy


What is the cost of Badminton training classes in the USA?


The cost of taking badminton training classes in the USA is not specific as different training centre charges in accordance with quality training and facilities provided. The approximate cost lies around 600$ per month.


What is the average duration of Badminton training classes in the USA?


The average duration of taking badminton training classes in the USA is approximately a month. It may exceed depending on the duration of membership and interest and ability of the trainee.



Why take Badminton classes in the USA?


Pursuing badminton training classes in the USA has the following advantages: 


  • Robust and world-class coaches that offer quality training to budding badminton players
  • Comprehensive scholarship programs for deserving students
  • Chance to represent in international events and get exposure 


What will I learn by taking Badminton training classes in the USA?


Badminton training classes in the USA provide specialized coaching to trainees and trainees learn various modern techniques of the sport under the complete guidance of expert trainers. The players learn to play at beginner, intermediate and expert levels of Badminton.


What jobs can I get as a Badminton player in the USA?


After taking up badminton classes in the USA the trainee can opt to be a professional player and take part in various competitions at the national and international levels. 


Trainees, after completing the badminton training and registering themselves with the required authorities, can take up job professional coaches at badminton academies/sports club or at schools to coach trainees in the sport.

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Eastbay Badminton Association Logo

Badminton (Private Lesson)

Badminton Private Training is offered by Eastbay Badminton Association for all ages and skill level.  Eastbay Badminton Association is a full service facility with 8 Olympic standard courts dedicated entirely to the sport of badminton that is open to the general public.

Institute by Eastbay Badminton Association [ Claim Listing ]
New York Badminton Center Logo

Badminton (Beginner)

Basic foot works Serving & Receive technique Basic overhead, forehand, backhand techniques.

Institute by New York Badminton Center [ Claim Listing ]
WB Brooklyn Badminton Club Logo


The WB Brooklyn Badminton Club encourages players of all ages and skill levels ito play. Our playing facility, which is centrally located, has good floors, light walls, and the accessibility to 6 tournament courts as well as roll away bleachers for spectators.

Institute by WB Brooklyn Badminton Club [ Claim Listing ]

Brooklyn Bensonhurst Badminton Club Logo


A well established badminton club in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, aims to promote badminton as a sports for people in our community as well as to provide a place for badminton enthusiasts to socialize, learn, exercise and have fun. 

Institute by Brooklyn Bensonhurst Badminton Club [ Claim Listing ]
United East Athletics Association Logo


Badminton is truly one of the most exciting sports to play and watch. In fact in 1992 badminton become a medal sport in the Summer Olympic Games, bringing forth many talented athletes from all over the world.

Institute by United East Athletics Association [ Claim Listing ]
DFW Badminton Center Logo


DFW-BC will be committed to improving game skills and building confidence to complete,

Institute by DFW Badminton Center [ Claim Listing ]
Frisco Badminton Logo

Badminton Beginner

Whether you have just recently picked up a racket or would like to represent your school in the upcoming season, we have what you’re looking for!

Institute by Frisco Badminton [ Claim Listing ]

Bay Badminton Center Logo

Badminton (Private Lessons)

Get one-on-one attention with private lessons. Private sessions allow you to improve your game at a much faster rate. With personalized attention, you will be able to focus on specific problem areas in your game.

Institute by Bay Badminton Center [ Claim Listing ]
Austin Badminton Logo

Badminton (Beginner Class)

The program? offers group training for both beginners and intermediate level students who would like to learn and improve on their current badminton skills.?

Institute by Austin Badminton [ Claim Listing ]
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Reflex Badminton Logo


Our lesson are structured in a two-hour format, to ensure players have enough time to safetly warm up, practice, and enjoy the game. Boys and girls, age 7 and above, are welcome to join our classes.

Institute by Reflex Badminton [ Claim Listing ]
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