Fresh Pasta Masterclass

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Learn how to make traditional fresh pasta from scratch. We will teach you how to create different shapes of pasta such as tagliatelle (using a pasta machine and hand-cut), farfalle and ravioli. We will taste each pasta with matching sauces accompanied by a glass of wine.


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4 Hours

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Learn how to make traditional fresh pasta from scratch. We will teach you how to create different shapes of pasta such as tagliatelle (using a pasta machine and hand-cut), farfalle and ravioli.

We will taste each pasta with matching sauces accompanied by a glass of wine. You can take home any extra pasta to show your friends and family your new skills.


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  • Abbotsford Branch

    413 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Melbourne
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  • Adriano
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  • Adriano Dimaso is a passionate Italian chef who loves to make delicious food and share his cooking skills with those around him. Born in Vieste, a small town in the southeast of Italy, Adriano started his career as a chef working in local and traditional kitchens since he was 16 years old. He graduated with a diploma in commercial cookery in 2003 and started to travel all around the country to learn as many cooking techniques as possible working with many experienced chefs in traditional and fine dining restaurants. Before moving to Australia, Adriano worked for three years side by side with the world champion pastry chef, Emanuele Saracino. He was the head chef for the catering service as well as the pastry chef. It is here where he was able to gain a significant amount of experience in fine desserts. He took his experience in the Italian kitchens to work in Australia. He became the head chef of Café Latte restaurant in Hawksburn in 2012. Then, after one year, he got the opportunity to work as a sous-chef at the Centonove Restaurant, which has been named one of the top 10 best Italian restaurants in Melbourne, where he refined his cooking and English skills for four years. In all these years as a chef, Adriano has taught and trained many aspiring young chefs and still doing so in his workplace. Thanks to this, Adriano developed a friendly and easy method to teach people. Adriano loves to cook. He loves to bake. He also loves to teach. He wants nothing more than to work with people in order to show them about creating Mediterranean cuisine using fresh and local ingredients. This love of food is what inspired Adriano to open up White Truffle. Students can expect to learn a significant amount because of his ease in the kitchen. He is fluent in both Italian and English and this makes it possible to talk more with students, answer questions, and provide thorough demonstrations. Adriano’s love of food and cooking is never-ending and he is always looking to experiment, explore new opportunities, and trade knowledge with other chefs from around the world.
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