Instruments of Business Influence

by Miles Harrop Consulting

Whether you are a leader, sales professional or just need to get more done with less effort by your team, This program is ideal if you want to persuade more successfully. Cutting edge practical and applied insights from the worlds of Robert Cialdini, Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience.


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img Duration

3 Days

Course Details


  • Introduction to Influence in Business
  • Leveraging Brain Science: Brain Basics
  • The Triad of Influence 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics
  • Linking Strategy Creation, Execution, and Stakeholder Influence
  • Biases and Interferences in Business Communications and Overcoming Resistance
  • 10 Principles of Persuasion and their application in business contexts
  • Motivation principles including the Core Human Needs, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. 
  • Simplicity and effortless customer experiences
  • Reciprocity. Give & Take
  • Consistency and Commitment
  • Scarcity and FOMO
  • Likability and Rapport skills
  • Authority and Credibility
  • Social Proof
  • Unity and keeping together
  • Anchoring, Expectation Management Comparisons & decoys
  • Behavioural Economics for influencing behaviour
  • Impact of Friction and cognitive biases on Persuasion
  • Emotional Intelligence and Influential Leadership
  • Conflict Management and Gottman’s Four Horses
  • Primary and Secondary threats Model and 
  • Persuasion Messaging with the 6 Primal Neuroscience Stimuli
  • Final Project and Evaluation
  • Follow-Up Coaching Sessions
  • Supporting ongoing development and application of coaching skills in individual or team format

Special Message

Follow up coaching sessions included.
  • Lorraine Manor Branch

    72A Vitry Ave, Lorraine Manor, Port Elizabeth
  • Teacher's Name
  • Miles
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Miles has been coaching and training sales professionals and business leaders in persuasion and influence psychology since 2000. The elements of this course have been delivered in coaching and training sessions in Southern Africa and the UK.
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • South African

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