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The curriculum of the courses is latest and industry-relevant. It is planned to equip you attain a level of competence in contemporary Korean language which is adequate for communication. The basic course is a foundation program ideal for those who have no knowledge in the language.


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IITT Language Academy pioneers in offering basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses on Korean language which is spoken by more than 77 million people throughout the world. The courses are designed keeping the students in mind and help students master the language quickly and effortlessly to make advancements in their career. The courses are based on latest learning modules and encompass extensive topics to help you gain a deep insight into the language and explore its intricacies.

By pursuing the program, you’ll become proficient in your speaking and writing abilities. Enrich your learning experience with structured instructional materials, live streaming videos, unique learning methods, 24*7 online support from expert faculties, and audio-video sessions. Develop your linguistic skills in Korean through e-learning facilities which is a potent new age learning that is having a huge impact on our present education system and will also determine our future.

Deep delve into the language and culture which would help you to communicate effortlessly with others when you decide to relocate in Korea for work or studies or travel. The courses will also let you explore and research about Korean society and pave the way for a scintillating career. The courses will create a strong foundation by laying emphasis on grammar and its correct usage, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence construction and others. At the end of the course, you’ll feel empowered to build a career based on the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from our institute.


Basic :

The basic course revolves around teaching Korean language by introducing you to the fundamental elements of the language and beginners will find the course extremely beneficial. The course encompasses learning modules on syntax, sentence formation, phonetics, accent and much more. With it, you’ll get the basic idea on Korean grammar and how to use it correctly while writing sentences. There are also classes on pronunciation and vocabulary which are also vital for developing proficiency in speaking and writing the language.


Diploma :

The diploma course shifts focus to slightly advanced learning modules. It provides thorough understanding and development of skills in Korean language. It will help you develop grammatical accuracy, extend your vocabulary skills and proficiency in communication by working on your accent through virtual and passive lessons.

Learners who want to migrate in Korea or take up job there or just looking to master the language with precision and finer details can pursue the program. The program is flexible and can be undertaken from any part of the globe. Students can access quality study materials online for self-study to refine their skills.


Advanced Diploma :

The advanced diploma course is perfect for students and professionals who wish to fly to Korea for pursuing higher education and boosting their career or employment prospects. Throughout the course you will get expert guidance and flexible online learning support in the form of webinars and workshops.

The program also integrates audio-visual sessions which help in improving the pronunciation and accent of the candidates for fluent speaking in public. They’ll also be introduced new words and phrases and expression of Korean language for enhancing their vocabulary or stock of words. In grammar, you’ll get classes on noun, verb, adverb, pronoun, preposition, vowel, articles, tenses etc.

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