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Learning a new language does not only give you more professional or social opportunities: it gives you insights into a new world.

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Learning a new language does not only give you more professional or social opportunities: it gives you insights into a new world. And learning Portuguese will give you access to a world of over 250 million speakers that live in places as different as Brazil, Macau or Mozambique.

Don’t worry if you would like to learn but have never uttered a word of Portuguese before. With motivation, concentration, and a good teacher, soon you’ll find yourself having conversations with native and non-native speakers alike. There are many terms that, as an English speaker, you already know, such as zebra, lingo (from Portuguese língua), or piranha.

Plus, European Portuguese pronunciation is syllable-timed (same as English!), which means speakers tend to shorten unstressed words, so you’ll have an advantage when learning pronunciation being a native English speaker.

Would you like to get started with Portuguese, whether face-to-face or online, but you are not sure how? Keep on reading and discover how to learn Portuguese in the fastest and most meaningful way possible!

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Portuguese Language Courses

Our Portuguese lessons are focused on conversational skills and employ the Berlitz Method to fully immerse you in the language, so you speak in Portuguese from day one. This method has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to gain competence in a language.

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Learn some basic  ‘survival’  Portuguese for your next visit to a Portuguese speaking country, whether for holiday, visits to friends and family, business or cultural visits. Topics may include: greetings and introductions, finding your way around, booking accommodation, visiting places of i...

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Portuguese Language Courses

Portuguese is the third most spoken European language in the world, after English and Spanish, and before more popular languages like French or German. According to Ethnologue. Languages of the World, 15th ed. (2005), over 200 million speak it as a native language, plus an extra 10 million.

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Brazilian Portuguese

Our Brazilian Portuguese Courses for Business will help you to speak your clients’ language with total confidence. European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese can be very different. Although Brazil and Portugal share a large part of the language, there are many variations especially in the spok...

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Portuguese Evening Classes

Our Portuguese evening classes will help you to improve your everyday language skills.

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