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Five-Star Sports Academy is one of the largest facilities of its type on the South Shore. Occupying over 20,000 square feet, the equipment used with our programs is as follows:



  • 2 Full 40' x 40' Spring/Foam Floors
  • Full Size Competitive 7'x14' Floor-Level Ausi Bed Trampoline
  • 50' Tumble Track/Trampoline
  • 400 Cu. Sq. Ft. Loose Foam/Resi Pit
  • AAI Competitive Spring Balance Beams
  • AAI Competitive Uneven Bars
  • Trench Bar
  • 2 AAI Competitive Vaulting Tables
  • 3 mirrored Dance Studios
  • Exclusive Rock Climbing Tread Wall Exclusive Trench/Canyon Bar
  • New York Branch

    21 Ryder Place, New York

Courses offered by 5 Star Sports Academy



?Parkour is the art of moving over, through, under, or around obstacles, utilizing the natural movements of the human body with freestyle and/or gymnastics style techniques.

by 5 Star Sports Academy

Gymnastics Program Accelerated (7-17 Yrs)

Children are taught advanced through team level skills and must be able to perform a back handspring on their own before enrolling in this class. Instructors closely monitor student progress and depending on student’s ability and interest, may be considered for Team Placement.

by 5 Star Sports Academy

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