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Closed On: Wednesday
Opening Hours: 10am–12pm

The Arabic Key series is the result of years of effort by Akdam Academy in Turkey by a group of expert authors specialized in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, to be one of the first series in the world.

To teach the Arabic language in its diversity, smoothness and accuracy, as this series covered all linguistic aspects of conversation and listening.

And reading and writing in an elegant suit, high quality, and a level that competes with the global chains for teaching other famous languages, as it took a lot of effort and time for years to come to light.

 It is intended for teaching in different educational environments, as it takes into account all cultural fields (global, Islamic, Arab, and local) adopted in the provision of educational content.

  • Bradford Branch

    Top floor, 63 Nesfield Street, 1 3ET, Bradford

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Arabic Language Courses

Our mission is to teach Modern Standard Arabic interactively while focusing on speaking as a necessary skill required to master the language. You can join now either onsite (Bradford) or online anywhere in the world and start your journey with ALC.

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