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Bristol Tree Craft C.I.C brings people living in Bristol together to learn the traditional heritage craft of green woodworking.  Greenwood working uses unseasoned "green" wood,  that has been freshly felled, this is then shaped with hand tools into finished items.  

Woodwork brings a broad array of benefits: a chance to escape busy city life, connect with natural materials and enjoy the simple wellbeing that comes from making something with our hands. Our sessions offer a platform for people to get to know each other, deepen relationships and share the highs and lows of learning a new creative process together. Sharing craft is a way of creating unity, fostering community resilience, and most importantly of all, having fun!   

  • Bristol Branch

    Glenfrome Rd, Bristol

Courses offered by Bristol Tree Craft


Bowl Carving

This course is more physically demanding than carving a spoon, so would serve as a natural progression for those who have done some carving before. However keen first timers are always welcome!

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