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Carolina Language Solutions began in July of 2017. Omar Newman, the Founder and Owner, began teaching the first class online to a college friend who lived outside the Charlotte metro area. 

We now provide Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English for Foreign Language Learners. However, with the continued growth of the company, the addition of other languages will soon be available. Carolina Language Solutions is also offering translating services, as well as on-site interpreting .

  • Steele Creek Branch

    13133 Horned Lark Dr., Steele Creek, Charlotte NC

Courses offered by Carolina Language Solutions



Are you looking to learn or improve your English? Why not come learn with us at Carolina Language Solutions? Our dedicated instructors will provide you with top notch instruction. Let us help you achieve your language learning goals. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and register today!

by Carolina Language Solutions


All of your class sessions are conducted mainly in the target language to increase retention as well as to immerse you in the language. And best of all, there are no assessments or grades given. 

by Carolina Language Solutions


Did you learn French in high school and/or college, and you want to regain your knowledge of the language?  Are you planning to travel to a French-speaking country and want to increase your proficiency? Why not come study French with Carolina Language Solutions.

by Carolina Language Solutions


Our Spanish classes are developed to promote communication in the target language. We provide classes for school-aged children and for adults. Instructors facilitate the course primarily in Spanish to increase the language learning experience.

by Carolina Language Solutions

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