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DancePot is an established dance school started in early 2012 and based in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

DancePot is specialized in ballet with over 15 years of dancing and teaching experience recognized by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Besides that, DancePot also offers other various dance disciplines suitable for all ages.

At DancePot, we provide a safe dance space, where grace, elegance and technique of dance are offered in a friendly environment to students of all ages.

We take great pride in providing a positive, fun and stimulating environment enabling our students to learn, to love and to appreciate the art of dance.

  • Setapak Branch

    26-2, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Off Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Courses offered by DancePot


Tap Dance

Our tap classes follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing) syllabus, and like ballet, we introduce tap at a young age starting with Pre-Primary and Primary Tap then moving on through to Grade 6 and lastly followed by the Vocational Grades – Inter Foundation & Intermediate.

by DancePot

Salsa Dance

We teach you the basic alphabets, the words, the grammar and slowly teach you how to form sentences. Once you have the understanding, you learn to communicate and express yourself through the dance.

by DancePot

Latin Dance

Known for its sensual hip action and sexy flair, Latin American dance is gaining popularity on dance floors everywhere. Latin dances hail from several different countries in South and Central America, and most have influences that range far beyond this region.

by DancePot

Boy/Girl Kpop Dance Cover (Beginner)

Our Kpop dance class is for the absolute beginners or any Kpop enthusiasts! You may choose to join either Boy or Girl Kpop Dance Cover class. Girl group dances tend to be energetic, flirty and sassy whereas Boy group dances tend to be more hard-hitting and powerful.

by DancePot

Urban Choreography

Expose and challenge yourselves to different dance styles within the genre! In this class, the instructor shares his/her own choreography unique to their own styles with the students. Besides that, it focuses on the exploration of musicality and individual style.

by DancePot

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