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Double Happiness Vegan: Where joy meets flavor. We offer cooking classes, catering, and a dumpling shop, all showcasing the vibrant world of plant-based cuisine. Embrace a compassionate lifestyle and indulge in delicious vegan delights with us.

Founder Wei Feng is a long time Vegan, food creator who has volunteered within her coastal community for a number of years now, holding cooking classes and catering for her local church.

In 2020 she created her first book called Vegan Easy, which included various recipes to inspire home cooks to create easy, vegan, Asian-fusion recipes. These events inspired Wei to expand her business to include a dumpling shop and services such as Vegan cooking classes and Vegan catering.

  • Geelong Branch

    85 Hesse St, Geelong

Courses offered by Double Happiness Vegan


Vegan Cooking (Intro)

Join Wei’s Cooking Class for a delightful vegan culinary experience! Master the art of plant-based cooking with Wei, an expert chef. From vibrant salads to indulgent desserts, discover the delicious world of cruelty-free gastronomy.

by Double Happiness Vegan
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