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We’ve been empowering, coaching and helping people grow since 2001. For more than 20 years we’ve lived our philosophy of being the best we can be. The whole team love being a part of your journey for health, focus, consistency and improvement.

The kickboxing and karate communities we’ve built have grown into supportive and motivating networks and we are so proud to be part of that.

Whether you are looking to achieve a personal fitness goal like increasing your strength or stamina, or make internal positive change such as build confidence, self-discipline or focus – we’ve got classes and trainers that are equipped to be a supporting part of your journey.

Everything we’ve built is aimed at giving you a support system that empowers you to be the driving force in achieving your goals.

Many of our fantastic clients come along to also be a part of a club, enjoy a social environment and have some fun! Those are important goals too.

In 2021, we worked with our entire team of founders, staff and even our amazing clients, to look at what we’ve built and how we can better structure our business to best empower all our current and future members.

We really challenged ourselves to think outside of the standard model and put our clients first – because that’s what we are all about. From those months of hard work, Emplify was created.

We think you’ll agree that our exciting new name represents the way we work with you to empower and achieve.

Our training is broken down into two disciplines; Karate and Fitness Kickboxing.

  • Perth Branch

    Collins Street Centre Collins Street, Perth
  • Perth Branch

    2/20 Boag Place Morley, Perth

Courses offered by Emplify



In each class you will learn practical kickboxing combinations that you will get to practice on your own boxing bag at your own pace. Then you can pick up the pace and get a great cardio workout.

by Emplify

Kids Karate (7-12yrs)

Our kids karate classes ensure children at similar stages are grouped together to build their confidence, discipline and to ensure they’re having the most fun possible.

by Emplify
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