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The college is committed to providing excellent quality education with our dedicated staff force in achieving its mission. We believe in education beyond textbooks, syllabus and exams. Thus with FAME, students are able to experience a total learning environment which helps them to develop better awareness and more in-depth comprehension in their lives.

In FAME, we value the sense of respect. We achieve this through our quality services by treating each other just like family. We aim to be approachable, compassionate and empowering towards students and each other.

We also hold on to the belief that in order to develop successful graduates, we should not just focus on education but also guide the students to develop better attitudes, mindset and skillsets that are required in the competitive global market.

After so many years, FAME is still focused and committed to the education of Accounting, Business, Entrepreneurship, Management and Information Technology. This is simply because we know what we do best!

FAME’s academic system is always committed to complying with the local quality standards which include the endorsement from Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualification Agency. Besides that, we also ensure that our academic quality and certifications are recognized by various universities overseas as well as professional bodies from the United Kingdom, Austratlia, USA, China, etc.

Your success begins with the first step into our doors. Together, we can enrich and improve lives everywhere.



A WORLD-CLASS educational provider that TRANSFORMS individuals by NURTURING, CULTIVATING and INSTILLING wisdom and high-awareness.



  • To provide excellent teaching, professionals and entrepreneurial development;

  • To create opportunities for scholars and graduates to build world class businesses;

  • To provide educational opportunity for individual who wish to develop themselves.

  • Kuching Branch

    Brighton Square, Ground Floor & First Floor, SL32-37, L7691, Jalan Song, Kuching

Courses offered by FAME International College


Micro-Certification in Introduction to Retailing

This course promotes understanding of the retail industry, its place in the economy and society, and of career pathways in retail. Its purpose is to provide the student with knowledge and skills necessary to enter the retail industry.

by FAME International College

Micro-Certification in Human Resource Management

By going through this subject, students will be exposed to the conceptual, ethical, and practical skills for managing people through the understanding of, and effective use of HR systems.

by FAME International College

Micro-Certification in Operations Management

This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the foundations of the operations function in both manufacturing and services.

by FAME International College

Micro-Certification in Principles of Accounting

By going through this subject, students will be exposed to various types of accounting concepts such as journals, cashbook and recording financial transactions.

by FAME International College

Micro-Certification in Principle of Entrepreneurship

By going through this course, students will be exposed to awareness of the state of entrepreneurship. Students are introduced to elements of successful entrepreneurship and opportunity identification.

by FAME International College

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