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Hindi Language Program (HLP) is taught by keeping in mind class-specific learning processes along with state-wide curricular expectations. HLP programs are designed with the idea that learning is a process. HLP focuses on empowering students to understand, speak, and write Hindi. To further children’s learning experience teachers will give timely feedback by formative assessment. There will be weekly, monthly and yearly assessments.

Listening and Speaking is a very important skill in the language learning process. In HLP we expect students to listen and then speak from their own viewpoints. As the student progresses in the HLP class, their ability to read books, articles, and signs becomes the main focus. Reading and understanding material and then expressing it in their own words through speech and writing is an expectation of our program.

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    16702 Summit Vista Drive, San Diego

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Hindi Language

HLP I students will be able to read, write and identify Hindi alphabets, numbers, introduce themselves and their family, greet others and carry on basic conversation in Hindi.

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