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Since 2004, Language Trainers has been helping learners across the globe to learn any language, anytime, anywhere (and online)! Whichever language you want to study, wherever you are in the world, and whatever your schedule, we can provide you with a customised course and specialist teacher to make learning convenient, personal and effective!

At Language Trainers, we know that learning a new language takes commitment. But we also understand the pressures and challenges of the modern world. Long working hours and family and health commitments can make it hard to attend a language course consistently.

That’s why we have made it our mission to provide language classes that suit your needs and agenda. Your tutor will deliver your lessons wherever and however suits you, whether that is online or face-to-face in a location of your choosing. Classes can be private, one-on-one sessions or in small groups if that is more appealing.

We also offer open group sessions, where you will meet learners from different places in the world while you participate in an enriching cultural exchange. And our tutors will personalise every class to meet your goals and ambitions. Complete our short enquiry form today with your requirements and we will deliver the perfect language course for you

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    Suite 10005, 17B Farnham Street, Auckland

Courses offered by Language Trainers


Afrikaans Classes

Are you planning on working overseas, travelling aoad or connecting with foreign friends and family? Learn a new language and benefit from cross-cultural friendships, order career opportunities, exciting trips and deeper insights into how others see the world.

by Language Trainers

Vietnamese Classes

With its use of the Latin alphabet, Vietnamese is considered the perfect starter language for English speakers looking to anch out into other major Asian tongues. Australia and the U.S. boast some of the highest numbers of Vietnamese communities aoad, meaning you’ll find many opportunities to sp...

by Language Trainers

Turkish Classes

With 63 million native language speakers, it’s no surprise that Turkish can be found across Europe, the Americas, and beyond. Turkey is the only nation in the world with a city located on two continents, bringing together a conglomeration of many different cultures into a single country and to...

by Language Trainers

Swedish Classes

Sweden is Europe’s third largest country and boasts a population of 10 million native speakers, propelling Swedish forward as a top language to know. With its many similarities to the English language, Swedish is an intuitive tongue for English speakers.

by Language Trainers

Spanish Classes

Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages in Australia. In fact, according to the latest census, there are approximately 140,800 people living in the country who speak Spanish at home, which means it’s the ninth most commonly used language after English.

by Language Trainers

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